By the Hand of Garrison.

Into this world our lives are thrown...

...To do such things by which we're known.

Hello, my name is

Garrison and

I'm an Artist

        I was born to a family that never taught me the meaning of impossible and my projects were only limited by the scope of my imagination which was pretty much unlimited. I have the distinct privilege of being older than the Internet and even computers as  we all know them.  Having accumulated my skill by virtue of hand  and trial, if  I had to choose a specialty or be forced to classify myself as a type of artist it would take me weeks, to decide what I might consider myself to be.  So  therefore I choose to just call myself  "Jack of all, Master of Most of 'em".


        I have worked and studied from the East Coast to the West Coast and back. My Home Base now is the South East United States and any given part of the Caribbean when I can. I am a Hemingway fan  and short of his ending intend to live my life as such. I love my work and all that I do and I will only work for those who know how to smile.

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