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   I've been drawing and sketching cartoons for many years. Most of which came before the days of digital publishing. Most of my work was published in the form of advertisement with a few moments of fame in Newspapers. It wasn't until I left Kentucky that anyone ever seemed to take notice which seems to prove that old saying, "Never famous in your own home town".

  These samples are what was stored on my computer as I work to

restore this old site. I plan to dig through the file boxes and scan some of the old stuff and post it here later.. the colored rendering to the left and the three sketches below are all from the 1980's, my self image at the time.

   As the years have passed I

     kept adding characters

     and doing tricks for

     clients.  My own group of

     'toons I published under

    the title "Duckburo"

    which was my story and

  interpretation of a fickled

artist trying to make it in this

crazy ass world. I'll show more

of that later in the page.


  Thought I would color and update these two old 'toons.


  Did these using Photoshop and a XP-Pen Graphics monitor. My what a change from the days of pencils and water colors. Of course the character got older too.

1/22/2018- note


     More to come........


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