Sea Serpents of Wizard Lake

Standing six feet above the surface of the lake and free floating year-round the fiberglass sculpted sea serpents guard the lake and  welcome the guests and residents of Wizard Lodge every time they walk out onto the balcony overlooking the lake.

The Thinker

Sitting about eight feet tall the Thinker faces a main street in downtown Owensboro, Kentucky in front of TD's Tough Decisions. The owner of the shop regularly decorates the Thinker with boxers and costume to fit the season.

    The Thinker is a free form wire frame construction covered in fiberglass. Finale coat is clear gel coat with bronze powder.

Wooden Tarpon


   A six and a half foot wooden Tarpon with eyes for hanging. Designed for outside display the sculpt is epoxy sealed and exterior glassed using Vinyl Ester resin. Finished and cleared both sides.

   More or less a hobby, I usually end up giving them away for lack of a place to keep them.

More to come!!!


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