By the Hand of Garrison.

Into this world our lives are thrown...

...To do such things by which we're known.


    After surfing to the end of the Internet a

time or two I have noticed that for the most

part a lot of the sites looked very much alike.

If one did not take the time to read the

copy one might think you were still on

the same site. It's just too easy to find a

template and some cheap clip art, insert

three lines of copy, and vol la, your website.

Trouble is, thousands of others used that same template and clip art so I ask you,... "How boring is that?"

Dragoun's Web Graphics

   have the Energy to make

         your Web Site Spark

                               Unique and designed totally for you,

                          not found on any other site but yours.

                          We don't want to do this for everyone,

                         just the ones who want to stand out and

                        be remembered. Optimizing your site for

               the search engines is very important but

            having a site that people want to return to is also a very important thing. Dry and drab clip art just don't get them excited and is soon forgotten.

  Today The site has

grown to many

pages and each

piece of artwork on

the site has been

created especially

for Capt. Roy and

his custom built

Deep Drop fishing

tackle. Capt. Roy keeps on adding new products that we use the site to show off  and if all goes well this year we are going to add a new section of video from the Captain show casing his equipment in action along with a tease of his technique at bringing up big fish


Click on the screen shot above to visit Capt. Roys's site

and if you want to see more of the graphics then

visit the Art Work page on this site.

  We started out pretty basic, Roy wanted to get the message out about the Deep Drop Fishing Rods he was building. We wanted something that would get the

                                                          attention of most

                                                          fishermen. The first upload

                                                          was sort of generic as we set

                                                          the site up with all of his

                                                          needs to get the message

                                                          out. As time went on the site kept evolving with custom buttons and artwork that some of which has now made it to T-Shirts and print.


Building the

Roy's Electric Reels Image and Website


Here are a few of the

Quick Sites that

I have put Together

   The majority of these sites I build with Adobe's Muse CC. Most are informational and gallery sites and the advantage of building with Muse is the ability of the Client to log into their own site and change content as needed without depending on the web builder. Once changes have been made it sends notice to me and I make the update permanent in the backup.

   This is a very handy tool for the business on the go and frees up time on both ends. These sites are easy to customize and in the process the artwork used in the building of the site can also be used to create brochures, business cards, signage, and other identity items crucial to the image of your business.


   Even with the best artwork and software there is one aspect of a web site I feel is of major importance. It is Relevant Content. When you are beginning the process of building your site begin first with the content and then the message. The best looking site in the world is worthless if you do not communicate the information that the site visitor is searching for. Once you have established that task it is time for your web builder

and your graphics person to work their magic.


    Simple say most and that's where it always starts.

No matter if I'm working for you or not,  my conversation is free and I always like talking to people who have visited my site.  Give me a call or drop me a message, always willing to help .


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